UP* Decentralised, Autonomous, Free Communities

Utopia Project* naturally believes in order to be robust against natural disasters plus to stop the onset of any & all forms of tyanny & abuse, a decentralised model of grassroots leadership is necessary as well as adherance to the basic principle,
"There's NO excuse for abuse!" plus we keep a foot-in-the-door for those who wish to be spiritual because tyranny hates this too!


All Man & Womankind have an equal sovereign standing on the land, sea, air etc. & the right to involve themselves individually & collectively in the affairs of their local areas.


Each local area has the right to be independent from other local areas & act in sovereign autonomy. Naturally, any good idea will spread & naturally  be accepted by each Community.

UP* Frameworks

Utopia Project* frameworks focusing on the core areas necessary for reclaiming sovereignty in order to empower each Community to regain ownership & decision-making power over their own Community.